Garden Hoes!

Digging It Up, One Row At A Time

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If you've never had a garden of any kind, if you kill houseplants just by looking at them, if you can't tell basil from tomatoes, if you don't know perennial from annual... this is the place.

If you've grown a few tomatoes here and there, if you coax herbs in boxes out of kits in the spring, if you you've just bought your first pair of "real" garden gloves and you know yr zone... this is the place.

If you can't imagine January without seed catalogs, February without seed orders, March without seed starting, April without spinach and lettuce, May without blisters and a sore back, June and July without weeding and watering and pesto, August and September without an assload of tomatoes, October without covering yr herbs, and November/December watching the ground freeze... this is the place.

Also up for discussion: varying aspects of homesteading -- urban, suburban, or rural. Fancy fowl and small livestock questions are cool, but the emphasis is going to be on the stuff growing out of the ground.

Like its sister community, takebacktheknit, this is the place for groovy folk to hang out -- only it's gardening instead of knitting. It's pretty laid-back here... stick pictures behind cuts, swearing is OK, etc. If you've been doing this a long time, be willing to answer the most newbie of questions! If yr a newbie, please don't be afraid to ask questions!

No question too dumb. No mistake too grievous. No fingernails too dirty.